Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kovalchuk: stay or go?

Kovalchuk has a big decision to make this season: to stay in Atlanta or to sign with a new team. Craig Custance at SportingNews explores why this decision is so important to both Kovy and Atlanta here.

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rananda said...

Jay - Obviously you have to ultimately cede to your client's wishes, but I don't think it makes any sense for Kovalchuk to play on a team that will be unable to consistently spend to the cap year after year. I understand he's comfortable there, his family is set up and happy, the team is going in the right direction, the new coach looks to be good, etc. All that is fine and good. But the Thrashers are a franchise that even once the ownership questions are ultimately settled will likely not be able to spend to the cap every year, no questions asked, as the large market franchises will be able to do. I just don't think it makes sense for a player like Ilya - who has only played 4 postseason games - to sign long term with such a team. He will be the most sought after UFA in the history of the league if he chooses to go that route. I think the Thrashers will be a much better team this year and have a great shot at the playoffs. That said, they couldn't sign Zherdev because they need to stay under the midpoint. How many times in the next decade are the Thrashers realistically going to be over the midpoint? I guess he loves the city and the franchise, but if he's serious about winning a Cup, obviously his chances are better elsewhere. Maybe he just wants to win World Championships every year, which I guess wouldn't be that bad either. Just a fantastic player, though.